Get Involved

There are many little ways and some big ways to participate in the welcoming movement in Santa Cruz.

Think of all the resources you utilize in the course of a day or a week. Then envision leaving your home, work, friends and country after an event that made it clear it was unsafe to continue to live in that environment. You arrive in a new place, with different language, customs and regulations. You would need kind-hearted people to help, right? That’s where the Santa Cruz Welcoming Network shines!!

We are helping with everything from picking up food at the food pantry, to helping people find housing and healthcare, to making small regular donations, to transporting people to their appointments at Immigration Court in San Francisco. We will be happy to help you match up your skills, interests and availability with current opportunities and needs of our folks. You can work on your own in a range of ways or you can be part of a team that works with an individual or family.

Your participation can be productive with an occasional afternoon or only a few well spent minutes per week... and your impact is limited only by your own inspiration, heart, and imagination.

To Learn More:

  • Join the Welcoming Network email group to keep abreast of refugee support opportunities;

  • Watch our Welcoming Workshop to meet some of us Welcomers, hear some case reports and learn how we work together.

Please email and let us know what you’d be interested in doing. Email, and one of us will reach out to you. If you could use some guidance on how to follow-up on any of these or other ways of welcoming, send us an email and we will reach out to welcome you in!