Who We Are

The Santa Cruz Welcoming Network was formed in 2019 by local residents, many from faith-based congregations. While recognizing the need to work for major change in the U.S. immigration system, we also recognized the urgent needs of many immigrant families in our own community. We began by assisting an individual from Honduras to get out of detention and settle in our area, learn how to function in the U.S., get a job, and become totally independent. Since then we have been able to help many other individuals and families in similar ways.

We are an all-volunteer organization; no staff, no office, just a lot of good and organized energy. We meet monthly and most decisions are made at those monthly Network meetings. Our volunteers are based all over Santa Cruz County and into San Benito County. The families and individuals we have helped are mostly from Central America and Mexico but also have included refugees from Russia, Cuba and Afghanistan.

As new needs arise, new volunteers and offers of help come forward. That is the Good News of the Welcoming Network.