We are a community network dedicated to welcoming and supporting asylum seekers and other refugees.

Many people are anguished by the breakdown of the U.S. immigration system and the terrible stories emanating from our southern border with Mexico: asylum- seekers being turned away with no chance to present their cases; immigrants camped out at the border who become the prey of extremely violent and ruthless gangs; thousands of immigrants locked up in privately-run detention facilities in deplorable conditions; and others, including minors, who die while attempting to cross the desert.

In Santa Cruz in 2019, that anguish led to the formation of the Santa Cruz Welcoming Network. The Network's belief is that if local folks were offered the opportunity to do something to help in response to this crisis, they would step forward and do so. And that is in fact what has happened.

The Santa Cruz Welcoming Network sees the same dignity and humanity in every person and helps ensure decent, safe circumstances for asylum-seekers and refugees, because all persons have the right to seek freedom from violence, fear and repression.

You can help by:

  • Joining a team of volunteers accompanying a family as they navigate the public and nonprofit services to get their basic needs met.

  • Providing temporary or longer-term housing for refugees and their families.

  • Becoming an advocate, companion, fundraiser, or network builder recruiting faith communities, businesses, community groups, or others. We're happy to provide a speaker if that would be helpful.

  • Giving money. Online monthly donations are best. No gift is too large or too small. Gifts made through our fiscal sponsor are tax deductible. See details on Donate page.

To learn the latest and plug into our network, Contact Us by email santacruzwelcome@gmail.com and we will invite you to our monthly online meeting.

Our Mission Statement: The Santa Cruz Welcoming Network provides comfort and support for people who seek asylum and refuge. Our volunteers connect personally and accompany them as they navigate challenges such as: Immigration Court, shelter, health care, and work. We find resources that support their goals and healing from trauma. We are committed to the truth that every human being is worthy of a safe place to live and thrive.