We are a community network dedicated to welcoming and supporting asylum seekers and other refugees

You can help by…

  • Providing temporary or longer-term housing for refugees and their families...

  • Becoming an advocate, companion, fundraiser, network builder recruiting faith communities, businesses and community groups...

  • Giving money. Online monthly donations are best. No gift is too large. Gifts may be tax deductible. Consult your tax professional.

To learn the latest and plug into our network, connect with us by email santacruzwelcome@gmail.com and we will invite you to our monthly online meeting.

Welcoming Network Gears Up for More Refugees - Money and Volunteers Needed

Until last year refugees could come to the US and file their asylum claims. The Trump administration has deported bout 70,000 asylum-seekers and their families to terrible conditions in northern Mexico. Many more are still held in Trump's privately run detention centers.

The Biden administration is expected to return to the regular legal process of admitting refugees to file their claims while living with sponsors in our communities. Many of their needs are being met by volunteers and local charities.

We need funding for discounted legal services provided by non-profits. Many attorneys work for free but we need to cover legal filings and other related expenses. Without an expert immigration asylum attorney 90% of asylum cases fail.

Volunteers provide transportation to immigration court hearings in distant major cities as needed on short notice but need help with expenses.

The greatest need is for housing. People do offer rooms or in-law units for a few weeks. To win their cases asylum seekers and other refugees need to have roots in the community. Since they may not be allowed to work, we offer them small stipends for personal expenses.

We need your help to build a bigger stronger welcoming network!

Donate today! Volunteer today!